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101 Fosters: A Special Story

Written by Asa Shibuya, dedicated NYC foster mom and Foster Dogs volunteer

My favorite movie growing up was “101 Dalmatians”. When I was five, I said to my dad “I want to have 101 dogs just like in the movie.” He then promised that he’d make my dream come true. He said “we’ll get a dog every year for your birthday”; we got our first dog for my sixth birthday, our second for my seventh, and our third for my eighth. Our third dog was our last, but my aspiration never went away.

My dad left this world almost 4 years ago, but this will forever be my favorite story and fondest memory with him. I still tear up every time I think about this “dream” we once had together. He was far from being an affectionate man and we didn’t have a close relationship. But one thing we had in common was our love for dogs, and this dream brought us closer.

While all our dogs lived long, happy lives, it doesn’t negate the fact that they all came from pet stores. I didn’t learn about puppy mills until I moved to the United States, and I now regret not having chosen to adopt. I can’t rewind time, but I promised myself that I would someday “give back” and fostering was the answer.

We welcomed our first foster dog into our home 2.5 years ago and I have not one feeling of regret. It’s given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing dogs and cats. This has also helped get closer to my dad and my dream… I can’t give a permanent home to 101 dogs, but I can give one temporarily to 101 fosters.

I knew I wanted my 101st to be special; a dog that’s often times overlooked…and who better to foster than a senior? Also being a huge Susie’s Senior Dogs fan, I knew a senior would be perfect.

Well, please join us in welcoming our 101st foster, Minnie!

She’s a 10 pound, 8 year old gal who ended up at NYC ACC when her owners decided they no longer had time to care for her. She’s been doing amazingly with us (dogs and cats included) so far, and I can’t wait to get to know her more!

A HUGE thank you to Foster Dogs Inc and Susie’s Senior Dogs for coordinating, and to PupStarz Rescue for pulling this sweet girl! I truly mean it when I say none of this would’ve happened without the help of all these amazing organizations.

Dad, you’re no longer here with me but if you’re watching from above… we did it.

View Minnie’s shelter video here, before she was rescued:

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