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A Cute Adoption Note

With foster mom Amalyah

Kassidy met her new family last weekend at our “My Furry Valentine” adoption event at Vaute Couture in Manhattan. They loved her from them moment they met her, having searched for their new dog for months.

Says her adopter Gayathri: “The event at Vaute was a great opportunity to meet and interact with the pup and the fosters. We have been to a couple of events but this one stood out. Talking to you and hearing more about the dog really helped us make the decision.

Kassidy’s new mom sent the following update after their first day together. What’s better than a happy note from your foster dog’s new adopter? Not much!

“I just thought I would update you on Kassidy’s first day home. She was a very well behaved pup today and she’s fast asleep after her exciting day. However, she learned a few things and wanted to tell you all about it:

1. Windshield wipers are really hypnotic.

2. Brushing feels really good, and the humans brush all over your body if you lie on your back and wave your arms around

3. Jumping into a pile of snow is fun! But the humans seemed to not enjoy it as much. Strange.

4. I tricked the humans into giving me two treats. You can do it too- first sit, and then lie down.

About her name: “We finally decided to stick with Luna (Luna the Dotty Lovebug) and she’s doing great. She’s such a good girl at home and is making friends with everyone she meets- humans and dogs alike. She even managed to charm our families through Skype! She also just discovered herself in the mirror and staring contests with her reflection are part of the schedule now.”

While it is an incredible feeling to see your foster dog move into his/her new home, it’s also an emotional experience, a total bittersweet moment. As a foster caretaker, you are helping a dog without a home, showing that dog love as if he/she was your own pet. And when that dog leaves you, you may experience a few tears. Foster mom Amalyah found Kassidy through Foster Dogs Inc, rescue by PupStarz Rescue from a shelter down south.

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Photos by Stacey Axelrod Photography
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