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A Last-Minute Hurricane Foster Home

Last week, our director Sarah received a frantic evening call from Twenty Paws Rescue. Two Hurricane Harvey rescue dogs were en route to NYC with nowhere to go. We immediately sent an outreach to a select few Foster Roster applicants who had expressed a desire to foster a hurricane-dog.

One woman immediately replied, and the next day this big handsome guy “Lucky” was in her arms.

“We were able to help save another Texas dog! We are so honored to welcome this angelic boy to our rescue. Friendly with dogs, cats, and all people! Until we reviewed his records, no one knew that this boy had a broken leg! He is in pain and definitely needs further evaluation. The records indicate that he may need surgery. Right now, we just want to make him as comfortable as possible and welcome him to the good life. We will keep you posted on his story! If you’re interested in contributing towards his care, please donate via PayPal or our website. or tweet any donation is tremendously appreciated! It’s horrible to think that a rescue backed out on him, Sasha, and eight other dogs when they were already in transit to New York! Thankfully, amazing people are working hard to advocate for these souls. All ten found placement, and two of them came to us. 

A huge thank you to Foster Dogs, Inc. for taking my late phone call and sending out an email about these babies. Without you, this boy would not have a foster home! You are miracle workers!”
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