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A Photo Shoot Fit for a Princess

13 year old Fospice friend Princess Leia had a photo shoot with our incredible and generous volunteer photographer Leslie Leda @ledaphotography in Brooklyn. Leia, being the humble and modest older gal she is, seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera!

Princess Leia comes from a life of abuse and neglect, and was saved on Christmas by BARRK Rescue after being hit by a car. Foster Dogs found her a “forever foster” home, and she has never looked back.

Over four months later, she’s doing fine and enjoying what time she has left. She is safe and comfortable, and will spend her final days with her devoted new mama Maya in Williamsburg.

View some of Leslie’s previous Foster Dogs work: Foster Fashion, Operation Foster Bound’s Bernie, Think Bigthese cute Doxies, Summer 2015 Adoption Event

Thanks to our Fospice sponsors!

This sweet senior Shepherd mix loves her new Found My Animal rescue leash, which the company donates to each of our Fospice dogs large and small!

Everyone looks good in watercolor, including miss Leia. Amanda Moeckel of My Animal Art helps each Fospice family remember their special friends through art.

It’s nice to sleep on a huge cushy bed from Harry Barker when you’re a dog in your golden years. Nearly all our Fospice dogs, especially the large ones, receive their own bed!

Follow Leia’s adventures (mostly of her sleeping in the strangest of places) on Instagram: @princess_leia_of_brooklyn

Thank you to all our sponsors for your support of all our dear Fospice friends over the years, and to @PetSmart and @ChloeKardoggian who donated $5,000 to Foster Dogs’ Fospice program, allowing us to help with Leia’s care.

Huge thanks to Leda Photography for giving Leia a photoshoot fit for a Princess!

Want to know how we are able to help each Fospice dog in ways that are incredibly cool? Here are a few examples! We sent Leia some treats and bully sticks, got her a stroller (hand-me-down from a former Fospice dog), sent a care package to her mama, got her a BarkBox subscription, and found her a weekend sitter (bunnies included).

Fospice is a truly unique program, and we are honored to make it possible – with the help of our donors and volunteers! Learn more about Fospice. DONATE!

All photos by Leslie Leda, @ledaphotography
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