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A Timeline of Falling in Love

One woman’s journey to find love. First, with her foster dog, next with her life partner!

March 2014 (when it all began)

Morgan, now Ramona was rescued from a southern shelter, and found on by a young woman named Emily. First, Emily is slotted to take home a different foster dog, but she ends up with this big pup: Morgan. Emily becomes her devoted foster mom, facilitated by our volunteer Megan Penney for Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue.

Emily and “Morgan” the foster dog. Photo: Leslie Leda

April 2014

Foster mom Emily (a law student) is contemplating adopting her foster dog. She posts in our “Foster Forum” to ask for advice from her foster community. Emily receives numerous responses to help her weigh the pro’s and con’s of this important decision. We all know how this one turns out…!

Dear Fellow Fosters: Should I Adopt My Foster Pup?

Emily writes after seeing our blog post: “Do you know the Beverly Cleary books? Growing up my best friend and I always wanted dogs named Ramona and Beezus after the characters. It was perfect because I was already calling her “Mo” so it’s not too different.”

Sept 2014

Ramona and Emily were featured as the “Photo of the Day” on our website!

June 2015

Emily, boyfriend Scott, and now-grown-up Ramona join our adoption event at Love Thy Beast.

Photo by Leslie Leda, who shot Emily & her pup one year prior!

Dec 2015

Emily and Scott volunteer at FDI’s annual fundraiser in Tribeca – and win 2 raffle prizes! Luck was on their side that night.

Artist Morgan Spicer (a fellow “Morgan!”) @barkpointstudio with the happy couple

Oct 6 2017

Emily and Scott get married! They encourage their friends to donate to Foster Dogs Inc. We receive $450 in donations, thanks to the kindness of their friends, and for their positive encouragement to donate to a great cause.

Want to encourage friends and family to donate to a good cause, for your special day? DONATE to Foster Dogs Inc. Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary… it’s all worth celebrating! 

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