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All About Me

PRINT our PDF to complete this “All About Me” form before your foster dog gets adopted, to help his/her new family start off on the right paw!

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“All About Me”

Compiled by my foster parent(s)

I am so excited to get adopted! I will love you forever and promise to try my hardest to be a good dog. I might make mistakes, so please be patient with me. I’m still learning! Here are some notes from my foster parent to you, to help start us off on the right paw. Thanks for making me part of your family.

My name:

My age & breed/mix:

I moved into my foster home on this date:

My rescue group & their contact info: 

My current diet:

Medical (circle treatments I’ve received): 

Spayed / Neutered, Rabies Vaccination, etc

Shots/Medication I will need in next 6 months:

Here’s my rescue story:


I know these commands:

Potty training:

Crate training:

Leash-walking skills:

Extra info about me:

I really love:

How to contact my foster parent(s): 

Email, Facebook, Instagram, etc:

Suggested items to get for me / Shopping list: 

Learn more about fostering:

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