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All About Our Foster Starter Kits

What is a Foster Starter Kit?

Bringing a shelter dog into your home can be scary/ nerve-wracking/ frustrating/ exhilarating, and who better to provide you with support and advice than an organization dedicated to fostering dogs! Our Foster Starter Kit has essentials that every new pup needs, including: rubber chew toy, food sample, poop bags, “business cards” to help get adopted, first-bath shampoo, and more! Kits were packed with love by Foster Dogs NYC volunteers! Each kit costs us bat least $6 to ship by USPS, not including the materials within; every dollar helps, and we could not do this without donations from people like you!


Thanks, Donors!

We are grateful to the businesses and organizations that donated their products to this effort, as they have made this ALL possible! Corporations who donated products to our kits: Earth RatedBarkBoxRover.comNylabone, Nature’s Variety, Love Thy Beast, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Dog & Co., & more. Many kits also included products courtesy of Foster Dogs NYC, including: Foster Dog Manual, “Foster Dog Business Cards,” Kong toy, and “Adopt Me” bandanas.


Thanks to everyone who donated funds!

Read about our successful kit fundraiser here, which raised $2,000; because of the funds raised, we can send these kits out to local foster parents free of charge! We’ve even received requests from foster parents in Chicago and California, and were glad to help out. THANK YOU to every person who donated to help our cause. The pups are grateful for your kindness!


Our happy foster dog recipients:

We have shipped many of our Foster Starter Kits, and received lots of happy foster photos saying “thank you!” These foster puppies (right) couldn’t even sit still, they were so excited. We appreciate all the people and companies who donated to our kits.

When you’re a new foster caretaker of a shelter dog, every little bit of help counts – and we want to be there to support you and your dog as much as we can!

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