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Exciting Announcement: Foster Dog Manual

Foster Dog Manual

It’s a big week for Foster Dogs Incorporated! We have a huge announcement: our Foster Dog Manual is here: What to Expect When You’re Fos’pecting!

This incredible guide is now available (free) to the public, and ready to be distributed around the country in hard-copy and PDF.

2 manual6Our goal is to increase foster efforts in more cities, thus increasing the amount of lives saved for shelter dogs. Every time one dog finds a foster home, he/she is safe and is one step closer to finding an adopter. But that’s not all: you help free up space in the shelter for another dog in need. Many shelters euthanize dogs (even young puppies) due to a lack of adopters / foster homes / space. Fostering helps tackle this dilemma, one dog at a time.

Fostering should be a positive experience, one that you will want to repeat at every possible opportunity.

Thanks to photographer Sophie Gamand and graphic designer Dorie Herman, we created a gorgeous, appealing, quick-start guide to fostering a dog. Gamand’s adorable vibrant images feature shelter dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, taken at shelters around the United States. Our Foster Dogs team including Sarah Brasky, Tara Bahl, and Lauren Hirata prepared the information and text within the guide. We talked with professional dog trainer Andrea Arden to gather crucial training tips, to support your awareness of best practices with a new dog.

Sophie Gamand, Dorie Herman, Andrea Arden, Sarah Brasky

Sophie Gamand, Dorie Herman, Andrea Arden, Sarah Brasky

We threw a “Mimosas, Muffins, & Manuals” launch party on Sunday, celebrating this momentous occasion. We were joined by Sophie Gamand, Dorie Herman, Andrea Arden, among two dozen other rescue supporters and dog lovers. Several canine guests joined us for the party, all of whom are rescues! The best advocates for fostering are the amazing dogs themselves. Brasky’s own dogs @ozzieandtheaussie both began as foster dogs, three and five years ago!

With Foster Dogs Inc‘s efforts expanding nationally this year, it is crucial to share our message with people all over the country: fostering saves lives! DONATE here.

BarkBox: Foster Dog Manual

Please DONATE any amount on our GoFundMe page to support our efforts. We are printing in NYC, and distributing manuals free-of-charge to retail and shelter locations nationwide. Manuals are printed at Park Slope Copy Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Know a business who wants to display and distribute our Foster Dog Manuals? Email us: info AT

Download the manual & view supplemental links

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