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We Brought Foster Dogs to a Party

Foster Dogs NYC was invited to bring adoptable pups to an Advertising Week “Barks and Baristas” networking event last Thursday. This BarkBox and SplashThat breakfast brought dozens of local influencers, corporate managers, CEOs, founders, and the like to a Manhattan penthouse. They provided the space, drinks, music, and food; we provided the canines, thanks to volunteers and dogs from In Our Hands Rescue, Social Tees Animal Rescue, Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue, and Animal Haven!

Barks Baristas FosterDogsNYC

Instagram celebs Chloe the Mini Frenchie, Ella Bean the Dog, Chloe Kardoggian, Samson the Dood, and Hudson the Goldendoodle all came to mix and mingle with the foster pups and excited humans.

Barks Baristas Elsie Hudson Tia Samson

Elsie (left), Hudson, Samson, and Tia (right)

When businesses seek to bring in puppies for a visit, we’ve found that many of them turn to pet stores (read: puppy mills) to fulfill their puppy fix. It’s happening right here in NYC! Well, Foster Dogs NYC runs events frequently which promote adoption and fostering, helping remind people of the joys and benefits of rescue. These corporate networking events and happy hours are the perfect way to bring together adoptable dogs of NYC in a welcoming and positive environment, exposing new people to rescue who might not have otherwise adopted! We have several more events planned, and look forward to saving many pups through this innovative effort.

Want to adopt any of the dogs you see here? Look for a blue bandana on their necks, as that means they were one of the adoptables at the event! Email us with your interest, and we can let you know if he/she is still available and how to adopt:

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