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Big News for Brindle Babe Ariel

Ariel from Operation Foster Bound FOUND A HOME! *Cue the happy dance*


Feelin’ great! Photo: @realhappydogs

It’s been a huge month for Operation Foster Bound: First, Onyx was adopted by her foster mom Lesa after nearly six months in foster care – and now, Ariel found her forever home after three months in foster care with Elsie and Rik. Both dogs waited many years for a home, mostly spent in boarding kennels. Finally, both have found their own families!


Ariel and Rachel Gozman, from Twenty Paws Rescue. Photo: @realhappydogs

Sometimes, saving an animal takes a village! Ariel has many people and corporations who helped in her rescue process, including: Twenty Paws Rescue, Susie’s Senior Dogs, Foster Dogs Inc, Elsie and Rik, FB group “Rescue Ariel,” Calm Energy Dog Training, Den Dog Beds, Adopt-a-Doodle Cartoons, Wisdom Panel, PetSafe, Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs, among others!

Foster mom Elsie writes, “After 4 years in boarding and 3 months in foster care and with barely any interest, Ariel has finally been adopted!!! Abby and Mike are a really nice couple from Northampton, MA, and they fell in love with her after seeing her photo on Susie’s Senior Dogs. I’m going to go curl up on the couch in my dogless apartment and cry (happy tears).” THANK YOU SSD for your major support!

Marine Park Ariel Elsie

Ariel and foster mom Elsie Heung, from Foster Dogs Inc. Photo: @thedogmatchmaker

Here’s an update from her new parents Mike and Abigail: 

Ariel has been doing great! We’re so happy to have her and already she’s bringing such joy and happiness to our lives. She’s a wonderful cuddle-bug who just wanted to be as close to you as possible and it’s adorable. We’ve had lots of car rides, including at least once a day to the park (even though it’s only a half a mile from our house) just so she can ride along. We spend a lot of time just sitting on the couch together, I love how she will just put her head in your lap and fall asleep while we’re on the couch working or watching TV. We’ve been playing a lot of tug which seems to tire her out and overall it’s just been a blast.


Adoption day with Mike and Abby!

2-ariel2We just took her to the vet this morning, and they said she looked happy and healthy. We’re getting her more comfortable with her new surroundings. Things like the couch took no time at all, though she was a bit apprehensive about her new crate at first, she now loves resting in there as well. She has no trouble sleeping through the night with us in our bedroom. She likes going for walks with us around our neighborhood and at the nearby park, she especially loves watching all the squirrels around our house and we even chase a couple during our walks in the park.

We’re really excited to have her and we want to give her the best home possible.


Follow Ariel’s new life on Instagram: @arielthebrindle

Featured image by Erin O’Sullivan, Susie’s Senior Dogs

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