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BIG News for One Little Pit

We have HUGE news for you today about Miss Onyx, a “diamond” in the rough, part of Operation Foster Bound. Major news. You might need to sit down for this.

Bar Night Lesa Onyx

Photo: Boprey Photography

Says ONYX, “Today I have great news! I have been ADOPTED! After 5 months of fostering, my foster mom has finally decided to admit that I am indeed a foster fail!”

2 onyx lesa dogandco

Photo: Robert Stoetzel, Dog & Co.

Foster mom Lesa sent us this note:

Onyx has waited 6 years for a forever home and now she has one! I met Onyx through #OperationFosterBound a wonderful program by Foster Dogs NYC that features 7 dogs who are long time shelter dogs. I had no intention to adopt a dog at that time and just wanted to help this little girl for 1-2 months.

During the last 5 months of fostering, not only have I fallen in love with Onyx, but I have received tremendous support from the foster community in NYC as well as from friends and family. Foster Dogs has graciously paid the adoption fee (to Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue) for Onyx and I couldn’t be more thankful. Unbelievable! In addition to Foster Dogs, I have to thank all that have been so active in helping Onyx find a home over the last 5 months.

Onyx Adopt-a-doodleThank you to Onyx’s cheerleaders over the past half-year:

Dog & CoStoetzel Photo, Den Dog Beds, Adopt-a-Doodle Project, Zen Dog Training, Foster Dogs’ Miriam Valero, The Dog Matchmaker, The Dodo, Allku Pets, and many more! (…) Finally, my always supportive, animal loving family in California and Hawaii who will get to meet this little bunny now that she can travel! Free at last!

onyx bedThank you to all of Onyx’s followers who have been so kind and supportive with reposts and kind messages. Your support and determination to help this little girl find a home has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I hope you continue to follow @onyx_is_home to see what she is up to!”

Read more about Onyx on her original post on our website January 2015, see some photo booth pics from our bar night, and check out her gorgeous photo shoot by Dog & Co.

Support other dogs in our OPERATION FOSTER BOUND program on our website’s DONATE page.

Bar Night Onyx Miriam Lesa Sarah

Big fans! Sarah, Miriam, Lesa, & Onyx. Photo: Boprey Photography

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