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Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Christina Donnelly

Long-time foster mom and volunteer for Foster Dogs (since 2014), Christina works as Special Project Manager at Bark & Co. Christina graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, and has worked and traveled all over the world. Her first foster dog also become her “forever” dog: @stelladigs. She and fellow volunteer and foster parent Vladic live in Brooklyn with Stella.

Through Christina’s encouragement, Foster Dogs has connected with many corporations in New York City in order to promote adoption and fostering, and in 2017 Bark & Co. hosted our new Rescuer Happy Hour series, to encourage collaboration between local animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Kevin Hsieh

Kevin is a program engineer at WeWork, and is a graduate of Columbia University. Through Kevin’s support, Foster Dogs is re-launching our Foster Roster application to further add to our support for local rescue organizations and dogs in need.

He and his adopted mix Finn live in Brooklyn. Together, they have fostered several dogs through Foster Dogs, and hope to do so again, someday soon! Follow them on Instagram: @kevandfinn.

Amalyah Oren

Amalyah is a Senior Associate Consultant at PwC. She earned her MBA at Georgetown University, with a concentration in Operations and Strategy. She is a graduate of NYU, and worked in nonprofit at The Bronfman Foundation.

Amalyah adopted her former foster dog (“foster fail”), a Staffie mix named Lady. After Lady passed away in December 2016, Amalyah fostered three dogs over three months, and would love to adopt again when the time is right. Amalyah co-chaired our “My Furry Valentine” event in February 2017.

Tara Bahl

Tara is an Interdisciplinary Studies Professor at Guttman Community College. She has worked as an educator in teen leadership and development, previously working at Hunter College as an Adjunct Professor. Tara has a master’s degree from NYU and is working towards earning a PhD in Urban Education Policy.

Tara is the co-chair of our Foster Workshop series for new volunteers, started in 2015. Tara runs the popular Instagram account @DogsWhoBrunch, after her love of brunch and dogs! Tara and her husband John Paul live in Manhattan with their adopted Beagle mix Ginny; follow: @lifeofginny.

Sarah Gross Feoli

Sarah is the owner of Rescue Chocolate, a vegan chocolate company based in Brooklyn with a charitable mission. She is also the co-founder of US Veg Corp, a national vegetarian organization that promotes the cause through food-and-drink events.

In 2017, Rescue Chocolate is donating all proceeds to our organization Foster Dogs. Between January through June 2017, we received over $1000! Sarah has been involved with Foster Dogs since our beginnings, having adopting the first dog on our website: Mocha. Mocha and Sarah helped us win $5,000 from the Petco Foundation for their Holiday Wishes Grants, telling their amazing rescue story. View details on our site. See the beautiful VIDEO of their story.

Sarah and her husband Paolo travel the world, and bring Mocha with them wherever possible.

Sarah Oren Brasky

Sarah is the Founder and Executive Director of Foster Dogs, Inc. Learn more about her on our site!

Sarah is the owner of The Dog Matchmaker, a boutique dog-adoption service in New York City.

She is a graduate from Binghamton University with a BA in Cinema, and earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Southern Connecticut State University. Sarah has worked in film, marketing, hospitality, and education (of every age group Pre-K through High School). Sarah and her husband live in Brooklyn with their baby and two dogs Ozzie and Shaggy @ozzieandtheaussie.

All board members are independent, voting members except for the Founder who is an employee.

Meet our volunteer Steering Committee here

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