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Come Saturday to Our Valentine’s Adoption Event!

So many adorable dogs – you know you want to meet them! Come to Vaute Couture 114 Stanton St (12-4 pm) on Saturday February 11th in the Lower East Side to meet dogs for adoption – and talk to us about fostering! We’ll have a whole BUNCH of dogs for adoption – 17, that is!

Want to bring home a dog on Saturday? EMAIL/APPLY TODAY to get the conversation started. Contact info below, next to each dog’s name.

RSVP on FB to our event!

Plus, you can shop your heart out at Vaute, whose fabrics are all cruelty-free and high-quality. SALE: $75 off coats, and $25 off sweaters and dresses.

Jimbo: 4-5 months old, 35 lbs, male purebred Redtick Coonhound who’s amazingly calm for a puppy. He does not realize his own size and thinks he’s a small Chihuahua and loves laying on laps! He is very playful with other dogs. Sniffs out our other dogs scents and can follow their trail to find where they are. PupStarz Rescue adoption application. Email & info [at]

Kassidy (ADOPTED): 1 yr old, 40 lbs, female Treeing Walker Coonhound mix that is a family gal! Enjoys kids, dogs, playtime. PupStarz Rescue.

MacGregor: 10 yrs old, 14 lbs, Jack Russell Terrier. [more info TBD]. Animal Haven. Email info [at]

Shu Shu: 12 yrs old, male Shih Tzu. [more info TBD]. Animal Haven. Email info [at]

Lola (ADOPTED): 2 yrs old, female Yorkie/Dachshund mix, good with dogs and cats. IVE Rescue.

Rupert (ADOPTION PENDING): 8 yrs old, 12 lbs, 10 teeth (yes, he has only a few teeth!). Schnauzer/Poodle “Schnoodle,” good with all people and other animals. PupStarz Rescue adoption application. Email & info [at]

Blue: 1.5 yrs old, male Pit Bull, good with dogs and cats. Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue. Email & info [at] 

Oscar (ADOPTED): 10 mos old, 25 lbs, male Border Terrier mix, Oscar is goofy and sweet. He loves everyone he meets. Outgoing and social, but not hyper. Animal Lighthouse Rescue.

Cafe: 2 yrs old, 15 lbs, female hound/terrier mix, good with dogs, friendly. Rescued as a stray from Puerto Rico. Email & info [at] Animal Lighthouse Rescue adoption application.

Romeo: 1 yr old, 17 lbs, male terrier mix. Loves to play with toys, can entertain himself for hours. Rescued from Puerto Rico with mom and siblings. Romeo is slightly shy at first, but warms up quickly. Good with kids, other dogs, and all people. Email & info [at] Animal Lighthouse Rescue adoption application.

Dodger  (ADOPTION PENDING): 2 yrs old, 16 lbs, male Corgi/Terrier mix. He is outgoing, loving, and playful but not too hyper. Good with other dogs and with people. Email & info [at] Animal Lighthouse Rescue adoption application.

Chico (ADOPTED): 2 yrs old, 16 lbs, male hound/terrier mix. Chico is a sweet, friendly, and happy little boy – great family dog. He is goofy and playful but not hyper. He loves to play or go for a walk, then come back and snuggle. Chico is good with other dogs, all people, and kids. Animal Lighthouse Rescue.

Tara: Chihuahua/Cattle Dog mix, 9 weeks old. PupStarz Rescue adoption application. Email & info [at]

Rambo: 7 years old, 60 lbs. Hound/Pit Mix. Good with kids and with some dogs. Ready for Rescue. Email & info [at]


Dogs will look adorable in their unicorn horns from Brooklyn Owl. TOO CUTE. Adopt a dog for Valentine’s Day!

Professional photos will be taken by Stacey Axelrod.

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