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Eating Doggy Donuts at West Elm

We were invited to a Pawtisserie event at West Elm Broadway on July 29th, hosted by local treat company maison de pawZ. So of course we brought a few adoptable dogs with us for the party! Lucky dogs KC (Found My Animal), Cocoa Bean (Found My Animal) and Minnie (Pupstarz Rescue) got to enjoy dog perignon and some yummy treats.  They even got to meet celebridog @chloekardoggian!!

The delicious treats brought KC some extra luck too; he was adopted by a West Elm employee and went off to his forever home. His new dad also made sure to buy him plenty of pawtisserie treats before heading home; KC, you are one lucky boy!

Thank you to maison de Pawz for donating a part of their proceeds to us, totaling $115. What’s better than hanging out at West Elm with adoptable dogs and doggy donuts, on a Saturday afternoon? Nothing! 

JOIN US AGAIN September 23rd at West Elm Chelsea, 12-4, for another Pawtisserie!

Saved by Friends with Four Paws, Marcel was adopted at our recent CB2 event by Mei-i of Maison de PawZ, then-called Eddie. He comes to many events now and is a senior social butterfly!

Maxi was saved by Found My Animal and now lives with 6 other dogs and several humans in Brooklyn, near the beach!

Minnie found her foster mom through Foster Dogs & Susie’s Senior Dogs. Saved by PupStarz Rescue from ACC. Read her beautiful story on our site!

KC was saved by Found My Animal and found a foster home with one of our volunteers Samantha, with her dog @pigpenthepittie. He got adopted at the event at West Elm, by a store employee!

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