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Elvis and Costello Find a Foster Home

Elvis and Costello found a foster home!

[UPDATE 8/2017: ADOPTED! They went to separate homes, and are happy and doing great]

Here’s their story:

Earlier this year, we threw a puppy party at an office space in Brooklyn. One woman – who helped organize the party – told us about her recent adoption and her desire to foster someday. Just a few months later, Nancy got in touch with Sarah from Foster Dogs with the following note: “We are ready!” At this time, Sarah got word from Susie’s Senior Dogs of an awesome bonded pair of small seniors who were looking for a great foster home. Nancy said YES, and the rest is history. Now they’re looking for an adopter, and enjoying foster life with a yard, dog-pal, and human kid!

(Elvis is in the black harness, Costello is in the red harness.)

Super cute thanks for thinking of me! My family is enjoying our first foster.  It has been a great experience.

“Elvis and Costello are so stinkin’ hilarious they could have their own television show! By the looks of them today, you’d never guess they had been brought to the shelter by someone who claimed the boys were left in their yard. They were matted and stinky, and Elvis even had feces stuck on his face. We don’t know how long they had to fend for themselves, but we know they are a lucky pair who now have a rags-to-riches tale. The only remaining chapter missing is their happily-ever-after family…”

ELVIS: mid-groom, post-groom

COSTELLO, pre-groom, post, groom

Elvis “is too funny… When you approach, he immediately rolls over to get a belly rub.” – Nancy

Shelter Chic writes, “Meet 12 year olds Elvis and Costello! They are 6 and 8 pounds, respectively, and super cute and very adaptable. It appears Elvis and Costello have been cared for a some point in their life, they are so, so sweet and comfortable with domestic life. We have witnessed A+ temperaments from both boys and they have shown no handling issues. 

Elvis and Costello appear to be housetrained, they just need a little time to get the hang of their new lifestyle (belly wraps are an easy temp fix!). They have shown no separation anxiety and are good boys when left home alone. Costello is a little more people-oriented and likes to be by your feet or held as much as possible. Elvis has a more independent nature and can be found lounging in another room at his leisure, but he is equally as cuddly and constantly rolls over for belly rubs. Both boys walk well on the leash and have no reactivity to other dogs on-leash, loud noises, skateboard, etc. Off-leash, they are great with other dogs but sometimes Elvis will tell big dogs to leave him alone. Both boys have been neutered, had full dentals done, and are ready to go home. 

While Elvis and Costello aren’t outright bonded to each other, we are seeking to keep these boys together. They are a sweet pair! We encourage you to meet them – their personalties are simply charming. And you’ll be smitten faster than you can say ‘Elvis Costello!'” 

To adopt Elvis and Costello, please email to submit your adoption application. Care of Shelter Chic, with help from Susie’s Senior Dogs & foster placement through Foster Dogs Inc.

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