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Famous Fosters

Famous Fosters: Promoting fostering and adoption among new audiences through volunteer Celebrities and Influencers, showing first-hand experiences and encouraging positive views on rescue among their followers. All dogs in the program are up for adoption, saved from local shelters. A program developed and run by Foster Dogs & Susie’s Senior Dogs.

#FamousFosters are en vogue!

Coco. Photo by @keikolynn

Foster Dogs Inc and Susie’s Senior Dogs have teamed up to create #FamousFosters, a brand new program to place older shelter dogs into the homes of dog-loving people in the public eye. With each “famous” foster parent, a new audience will be privy to the joys (and yes, sometimes – the challenges) of fostering, seeing the animal go from homeless to adopted!

Kimiko Glenn (Orange is the New Black) & Charlie

We’ve worked with several rescue organizations so far including Animal Haven, Beastly Rescue, & Shelter Chic; and all the dogs originated from Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), our city’s municipal shelter system.

@thisfellow & Coco. Photo: @keikolynn

Fostering saves lives! @susiesseniordogs & @fosterdogsnyc are teaming up to connect homeless senior dogs with some awesome humans who can help make a difference. CHARLIE, welcome to the #FamousFosters club! This adorable 7 year old guy just left the city shelter to get some R&R in a foster home! We’re showing the public just how incredible fostering is, and what a difference you can make to a senior shelter dog. Charlie is up for adoption with @shelterchic animal rescue.

Charlie lived with Kimiko for just under one week, and found a wonderful home after being viewed on Susie’s Senior Dogs. He went from rags to riches in a matter of days!

One week later, Charlie’s new family picked him up. A perfect fit!

With dog rescue becoming chic and trendy nationwide, more animals are getting rescued than ever before. Through the help of innovative programs, no-kill rescue efforts, shelter improvements, positive adoption messaging, and celebrity support, animal rescue is on the rise.

Did you see the amazing story of Ginger the Pit Bull who found a foster home with Sir Patrick Stewart, for ASPCA’s “Get Tough on Dogfighting” campaign? C’mon, how incredible is that?

When a person in the public eye uses their celebrity status to promote a positive message and encourage kindness to others (be it animals or humans), they are making a real difference. In New York City alone, Animal Haven, Best Friends Animal Society, Shelter Chic, Muddy Paws Rescue, among other organizations, have encouraged celebrity involvement in order to promote their lifesaving efforts.

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) have lowered their euthanasia rates from 60% of dogs and cats in 2003, to 13% in 2015, and that number continues to decrease to this day (Source: NYTimes). That’s an incredible difference, partly due to the following factors: more people choosing to adopt, local rescue groups taking shelter dogs into their care, reuniting owners with lost pets, positive and appealing marketing, increased city budget, counseling prior to surrendering a pet, improved shelter facilities, and of course – fostering!

Our first Famous Foster dog is Charlie, a 7 year old Shih Tzu from NYC Animal Care Centers. We placed him with actress Kimiko Glenn (Orange is the New Black, Waitress on Broadway, Broad City), along with her boyfriend, dog, and cat. Shelter Chic’s director Brittany worked quickly with the #FamousFosters team to get Charlie from ACC, who was thrilled to hear he was headed to a fantastic foster placement!

More shelter animals are finding homes every year, and it’s up to all of us to continue spreading the word about pet fostering and adoption. “Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats). The number of dogs and cats euthanized in U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 2.6 million in 2011. This decline can be partially explained by an increase in the percentage of animals adopted and an increase in the number of stray animals successfully returned to their owners.” (Source: ASPCA, 2017)

Says Tawny Hammond, Director of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in northern Virginia, “We’ve seen a real revolution in animal sheltering over the past decade, so increasingly people associate their local animal shelter with hope, triumph and second chances, [a]nd that’s made a huge difference.” (Source: Huffington Post).

Meet Shay Nieves, @157ofgemma‘s foster dog who is becoming more famous by the moment. Every dog in #FamousFosters gets the royal treatment, and meets a whole new audience who may not have known about fostering or adoption!

We are fostering Shay Nieves (aka Dorito) while she is looking for her forever home. She is a very sweet tiny senior dog. She is only 11lb and 8yr old. She came into our life through @susiesseniordogs and @fosterdogsnyc. @animalhaven is accepting applications for her adoption. Her owner got very sick and couldn't take care of her anymore. When she arrived at the shelter her hair was matted but thankfully she got a nice makeover! Her fur is beautiful and very soft now. Besides that, you can tell she was well treated in her previous life. She is very sweet, loooooooves to cuddle and be pet. She is friendly, well behaved, fast learner and good listener. She always follow people around is ridiculously low maintenance. We hope she finds a great family that gives her all the love she deserves. If you want to adopt her please email @animalhaven at ❤️🏠 #FamousFosters ……………………… Tenemos a Shay Nieves (para nosotros Dorito) de acogida mientras busca una familia que la adopte permanentemente. Es una perrita minúscula y muy dulce. Pesa casi 5kg y tiene 8 años. Nos llegó a través de @susiesseniordogs y @fosterdogsnyc @animalhaven está aceptando solicitudes para su adopción. Su antiguo "dueño" se puso muy enfermo y no la podía cuidar más. Llegó a la protectora con muchos nudos en el pelo pero por suerte le hicieron un cambio de look! Ahora tiene el pelo muy bonito y suave. A parte de eso se puede ver que la trataron bien. Le encantan los mimos, siempre nos sigue a todas partes. Es super cariñosa y se porta muy bien. Aprende muy rápido, responde y está bien enseñada. Es exageradamente fácil de cuidar, necesita bien poco. Esperamos encontrarle una familia que le dé todo el amor que se merece. Si estás interesad@ en adoptarla por favor envía un email a @animalhaven a ❤️🏠

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If we can change minds and reach out to new audiences about the joys of fostering and adoption, particularly of older dogs, we can expand our never-ceasing mission of saving lives.

Say hello to our foster pup, Coco! We'll be taking care of her until we find her a forever home, and I need your help spreading the word. @beastlyrescue pulled her from the ACC and brought her to us last night. Thank you to @fosterdogsnyc and @susiesseniordogs for helping us arrange everything! I don't know much about her backstory except that this is her second time at a shelter – she was originally there in 2010, so she's estimate to be 8 years old. I'm not sure who adopted her or how she got back to the shelter, but she's been neglected and has clearly had a rough time. Despite her situation, she is a sweet, easy going girl who is great with Miku and my cats. They seem to know she needs a little extra love, because they are all being so sweet with her, watching her sleep and staying nearby. If you are or anyone you know are interested in adopting Coco or want to know more about fostering in NYC, please DM me or email with the subject line "Coco" – you can see more of her on my insta stories! #adoptdontshop #famousfosters #fosterdogs #fosterdogsnyc #susiesseniordogs

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Want to recommend a #FamousFosters caretaker for this experience? Email info [at] For typical foster placements, we encourage everyone to apply to our Foster Roster, and check out available dogs on

Regarding #FamousFosters placements: Foster Dogs & Susie’s Senior Dogs will provide foster dog care materials, support with any questions, transportation assistance, and more. We’re here for you, every step of the way! DONATE to help us save more lives and inspire thousands more to foster or adopt.

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