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Fanny Finds a Fospice Home

(Update on Fanny, 10/2016)

Meet Fanny, our newest Fospice recipient!

Fandango Fanny Fospice

Fanny, or Fandango as she’s known to some, is a 14-year-old Shepherd mix who found herself at Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR) last month as a stray. We were alerted to her availability in early-August, and immediately felt connected to this sweet dog.


No senior dog should be without a home. Bringing home an elderly dog has some major advantages to caring for a young pup such as: being more gentle, trained, easy-going, simple needs, mellow, etc.

Our Fospice program is dedicated to saving super-seniors and terminally ill shelter dogs, and providing them with a comfortable and supportive home for their final weeks/months. While Fanny is doing pretty well for her age despite her arthritis and fragile body (she has such a zest for life!), her super-senior age and homeless status confirmed for us that she is a good Fospice candidate – even if she outlives all our expectations, which has been known to happen once Fospice dogs enter a wonderful home (such as Beau and Taz!). Fanny found a nice foster home with Karina in The Bronx, and the shelter staff was able to keep her out of the shelter and to learn more about her personality.


She was listed on Susie’s Senior Dogs, displaying her beautiful photos by Erin Stanton.

Fandango Fospice

Photo by Erin Stanton, @susiesseniordogs

Still no luck. Fanny was still waiting for someone to want her. After trying out a home in NJ, we were back to the drawing board since the placement wasn’t the right fit (no one’s fault). Fanny found herself in need of a new home – urgently. Susie’s Senior Dogs and SCAR were all rooting for – and working to help – Fanny to find a great placement!

Our goal for Fospice is to find the dogs “forever foster” or adoptive placements; Foster Dogs Inc knew we needed to find a solution for Miss Fandango. Quickly.

We shared her plea online, and received the most amazing email within a few hours:

I saw your post on Fanny today and am very interested in applying for her. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to participate in the Fospice program for a while now and finally feel that our household is ready. We have two rabbits and live in a ground floor apartment with a backyard.

We have fostered puppies through your organization in the past and would love to give an older dog a place to call home this next time around.


Ana and Chris completed the foster application process with Sean Casey Animal Rescue, and were approved soon after. They were eager to help, and asked many questions to ensure that they were informed about Fanny’s needs and about her personality, before she arrived. With their other pets, and being first-time Fospice caretakers, they wanted to feel confident that this was an appropriate placement.

Fandango Fanny Fospice

Photo by Sarah Brasky, @fosterdogsnyc

Ana and Chris will be Fanny’s “forever foster” family, if all should continue to work out in this new home. Thanks to the kindness of Foster Dogs Inc supporters Dorie and Alexa, we were able to coordinate transportation from New Jersey to Brooklyn, to get Fanny to her new home. It took a village!


Photo by Sarah Brasky, @fosterdogsnyc

Now, Fanny lives with two bunnies, in a ground floor apartment near Prospect Park with a yard and plenty of cozy spots to chill in the living room. She has found a love for tennis balls, attempting to catch them (sometimes succeeding!), and enjoys long walks to the park with Ana. This 14-year-old gal has found such a joy for living, it’s incredible to see.

Fandango Fanny Fospice

Photo by Sarah Brasky, @fosterdogsnyc

Foster Dogs donated $400 to SCAR Fanny’s medical care, and will sponsor future pain relief medications if/when needed. We arranged for Harry Barker to send a brand new cushy bed, and Found My Animal provided an orange “rescue leash,” to look extra-stylish. We will send other incredible Fospice “perks” such as BarkBox subscription, painted portrait, dog treats, food, grooming session, and more. Whatever we can do to help!

Want to send your support? Donate here!

Thanks to a huge $5,000 donation from @ChloeKardoggian and @PetSmart, we are able to sponsor many more Fospice dogs this year, and are happy to now have the funds to make this a success.

Fandango Fanny Fospice

Photo by Sarah Brasky, @fosterdogsnyc

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