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Feature in Fortune Magazine

Foster Dogs was featured in Fortune Mag recently, starring our Executive Director Sarah Brasky, aka: The Dog Matchmaker. Watch the glorious video, featuring tons of adoptable dogs (many from BARRK Rescue) from an event in Manhattan.

How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Love of Dogs Into a Business

Article by Madison Paglia, May 17, 2017

For many entrepreneurs, coming up with a great business idea doesn’t always happen according to plan. More often than not, good ideas originate from a problem that is in need of a solution. And when you really strike it right, the idea involves something you’re truly passionate about.

Meet Sarah Brasky, founder of The Dog Matchmaker, and a self-proclaimed dog lover.

The New York-based entrepreneur established The Dog Matchmaker to help people navigate the dog-adoption process. The idea came to Brasky after she founded Foster Dogs Inc., a non-profit that helps shelter dogs find foster homes.

Brasky says people began approaching her for one-on-one help with adopting the right dog. She says people are often overwhelmed by how to start the search process, which shelters to visit, and what type of dog to choose.

“I started The Dog Matchmaker after I realized there was a demand for this,” Brasky explains.

Clients pay a $150 fee for two weeks of Brasky’s time, during which she searches shelters all over the country for her client’s perfect dog.

“Nothing makes me happier than finding a homeless dog and putting that dog into a loving home,” says Brasky.

Watch the video above to learn more about Brasky’s company.

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