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Want to start fostering? Here’s how!

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Foster Dogs, Inc. is not a physical shelter, and we don’t have a kennel facility. We are a volunteer-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which offers something truly unique to the animal rescue community: an invaluable internal database of willing foster homes in the NYC area, updated on a daily basis. We are the liaison between people who want to help, with the dogs in need of help, connecting you with dogs and rescue groups in need of foster homes. Read our Mission Statement, and meet our Board and Steering Committee!

Why foster?

sarah braskyFostering can make a world of difference to a shelter dog. Taking a scared, anxious, hyperactive, or depressed dog out of a shelter environment can change him/her completely; foster homes help the animal realize that there is beauty and joy in life! The dog will be a better version of him/ herself for that time when a potential adopter comes around. It’s also a wonderful thing for the person involved: exercise, socialize with new people, have a constant companion, and of course feel great about doing a wonderful thing.

Worried you won’t be able to say goodbye to your foster dog? Read our article on BarkPost about fostering advice!

There are so many homeless dogs out there, and it can be helpful to get the “inside scoop” about dogs that would be great for you!

If you have considered fostering and are not sure how to get started, here are some simple tips for you.

Step 1

Read about our Foster Roster here, and view our helpful resources here. It’s our way of keeping in touch with potential foster parents, and to keep track of our successful foster placements. That way, once you apply, we can send your Foster Roster application to a rescue group and can vouch for those who have successfully fostered through our org in the past! We love seeing repeat fosters and sharing their happy stories on our site! Make sure you’re still interested after checking out the Foster Roster. Note: applying to our Foster Roster does not mean you are automatically “approved” to foster with any rescue group, and you may be asked to complete foster applications with other rescue groups in addition to our Foster Roster.

Step 2

Talk to your roommates, spouse, partner. They should be on board with the plan to foster a dog. Having a partner who helps with fostering and is supportive can make all the difference, and helps make it a positive experience!

2 lucy AH

Step 3

Think about the foster duration to which you can commit. Fostering duration can be minimum 2 weeks, sometimes longer, being several months depending on the dog. When you commit to a period of time (no matter how long), please stick to your commitment as the dog is depending on you.

Step 4

10947287_10152272408788039_6991430584776819845_oOnce you’ve applied to our Foster Roster, you’ll want to continue checking the dogs on regularly. We post dogs who are in need of a foster home, or are currently in foster care and looking for an adopter. These dogs are looking for loving homes, and they need your love!

Step 5

Keep in touch! We love hearing updates, and providing support when possible. Join our Facebook “Foster Forum,” to ask questions and advice of other foster parents in the area, from local rescue groups. We’re all in this together.

An important note about fostering:

Part of fostering a dog is about taking a risk (though an exciting one), and you won’t always know everything in advance about your incoming foster dog. If you commit to fostering a dog and are approved by the rescue group, please keep your promise; the rescuers are relying on you. We ask that you remain patient and understanding when learning about your foster dog’s personality and behaviors. This can be a big help to the rescue group and to the dog’s future adopters! Read this helpful article if you are a new foster parent. “But, can I meet the dog before fostering?” — answer: read me!

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Photo credit: Stacey Axelrod Photography

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