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Application: Foster Roster

Sign up to add yourself to our Foster Roster, and we will contact you if a great potential foster dog for you becomes available! Complete the form through the end, and hit “Submit” when completed. You will see a confirmation message once complete. 

ABOUT the Foster Roster

We create the bridge between people who want to help dogs, with those dogs who need homes! This Foster Roster helps us bring the parties together, and facilitate the entire foster process. Read MORE about our always-growing Foster Roster database.

Why foster through us?

The volunteer team at Foster Dogs is responsive, thorough, and friendly. We offer “Foster Rewards” quarterly to people who are active foster parents, such as gift cards and fun perks!

Using a smartphone? Click here to complete the form.

Once the conversation begins…

While we will keep track of the progress of any dog on our site, we do not handle the foster (or adoption) approval process, as that is the duty of the rescue group or shelter. Once you begin communication with the rescue group responsible for a specific dog (a third party), we are here for questions/comments/suggestions, but it becomes the responsibility of the rescue group to continue the conversation and to review your application. We ask that you update us once the dog is placed, so we can update your Foster Roster application!

Want to apply to join our growing list of Fospice homes?

Learn more about our senior dog FOSPICE (long-term fostering of terminally ill / geriatric homeless dogs) program, and please make note of  your interest in “Fospice” in your application below.

Fostering is not always easy, but it’s pretty amazing.

Be sure to hit “SUBMIT” before closing this window, and you should see our confirmation page. Please read before X’ing out of the window. Thank you!!

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