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Goodbye, Max

Last month, we said Goodbye to one of our long-time Fospice dogs Max. His mamas were true lifesavers; Max got to spend his final 16 months in a caring home with people and other animals to keep him company. We are so grateful for people like this, willing to bring in an unknown dog and commit to care for him for the rest of his life.

Photo: Stacey Axelrod

Max’s beautiful story

After his elderly owner died, Max was living alone since none of his family members were able to keep him. They were desperate to keep him out of a shelter, but were out of ideas. The family begged for our help; his granddaughter emailed us after hearing about our Fospice program.

Typically, we work only with dogs who are in the care of a rescue group, versus direct owner surrenders. Foster Dogs works as a liaison and advocate, rather than as a traditional rescue group. We received an offer from Ready For Rescue to take him into their care, to give us more of an ability to help. After posting Max to Instagram (see below), we received a note from a young couple in Brooklyn: Aubree and Laura.

And so we brought Max into Fospice. Aubree stepped up sight-unseen to take him home, never hesitating at the idea of saving this gentle senior giant.

Max’s car ride home!

This sweet old guy hit the jackpot: another big dog and a cat. The Great Pyrenees and Max were a Gentle Giant Duo! Plus, there’s a yard. What’s better than that?

Aubree and Laura rehabilitated Max, helping alleviate his uncomfortable skin rash and helped him gain a bit of weight to feel better. Immediately, Max knew that this was a safe place. He was quite old when rescued, and lived for another 1.5 years due to his excellent care and loving home. Max had the honor of receiving a glamorous at-home photo shoot with Stacey Axelrod, who shoots for the ASPCA! Though he lost his previous owner who cared deeply for him, Max gained a new family who was heaven-sent.

Photo: Stacey Axelrod

In recent weeks, Max showed signs that he was “ready” to go. It’s not an easy thing, to make the choice to say goodbye to a pet. Max was lucky to be a patient at Greenpoint Vet, who was able to perform a home visit and create a peaceful final experience. Foster Dogs Inc covered the full cost of their in-home euthanasia and cremation; your donations to Fospice made that possible. It was critical to us that Max left this earth feeling loved and comforted, and that his moms felt fully supported both emotionally and financially. Yes, it is sad, but we’re here to help make this a positive experience and one that leaves our volunteers – and the Fospice dogs – feeling supported in ever way possible.

Saving a senior dog – or any homeless dog for that matter – is a beautiful thing! Seniors hold a special place in our hearts, and we want to do everything we can to ensure they are comforted and loved until the end.

Photo: Stacey Axelrod

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Thanks to Max’s Fospice sponsors (individuals and corporations): Found My Animal, Stacey Axelrod Photography, BarkBox, and many more!

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