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Introducing Our Fospice Program

“Fospice” is our newest program to provide end-of-life comfort and care to a homeless terminally ill / elderly dog (dogs with more limited time left on this earth). We chose this name for our program based on the hospice idea of providing comfort and care. Our goal is to save a life, and to inspire others to help however possible.

Fospice sponsorship package includes:

  • Assistance in finding a loving “forever foster” home
  • Donation to the rescue group in honor of the canine recipient
  • Dog bed from Harry Barker
  • Custom portrait by My Animal Art, based in BK (Amanda Moeckel)
  • 6-month subscription to BarkBox, a monthly treat and toy box delivered to your door
  • Professional in-home photo shoot (image above by Lisa Burger)
  • Handmade orange “rescue leash” from Found My Animal

All of these companies are based in New York City, as we love partnering with awesome local businesses. After all, we’re all in this together! The companies above have all donated their effort/products in support of our Fospice program, and do not use Foster Dogs NYC funding; our funding goes straight towards a donation to the rescue group, and support of the fospice caretaker’s needs for their particular dog.

We hope to sponsor many more dogs in years to come. Please consider donating to this special program.

Foster + Hospice = Fospice!

With the innumerable sick and elderly dogs we see in animal shelters, wouldn’t it be useful to have a program that took them out of the shelter environment and placed them in long homes for their final days/months? Too many old and sick dogs die in shelters around the country; how about we make the world a slightly better place and provide care and comfort to a dog in need.

What is Fospice, and how does it compare to “Hospice”?

Fospice uses the human hospice idea, and makes it work for dogs. “The word ‘hospice’ comes from the Latin word hospes: meaning to host a guest or stranger” (Via Amitabha Hospice Service). Our fospice recipient must be elderly (at a natural old age, according to their breed/size), and/or terminally ill. Foster Dogs NYC will search for a foster home for the dog in need, and will sponsor the dog’s basic needs for the remainder of their life. The concept of end-of-life care remains; the level of care varies with each dog.

We were inspired by the ASPCA’s fospice program:

The reasons for sending animals to foster are varied. Sometimes shelters receive animals that are not medically healthy enough for adoption, but still have the right to live out their golden years in loving homes and with proper medical treatment. For these pets, the ASPCA supports finding homes that are part foster, part hospice—or “fospice.” Are you ready to open your heart and home to a fospice animal? – ASPCA

By using the ASPCA’s program as a starting point, we were able make it our own. In addition to vet care and daily needs, fospice recipients will receive a one-on-one professional photo shoot, as a keepsake for their foster owner. We will provide the dog with a brand new bed, collar, and leash, and whatever toys they could possibly want. Though we are not a large organization, we want to make a difference where we can; and this feels like a great thing to do.

Who can qualify for Fospice?

We search for very elderly dogs or terminally ill dogs who fit one of the following criteria: In the care of a 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue group / At an animal shelter / At risk of being surrendered by their owners.

This is a brand new program, and we are looking forward to helping our first recipient. 
We are in the process of developing this special program, and welcome suggestions of dogs in need. info [at]

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2/2014 UPDATE: Read about Fospice recipient BISCUIT here!

2-biscuit_angel capone

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