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Introducing Our Fospice Friend Kayla

Written by Susie’s Senior Dogs, about our brand new Fospice recipient Kayla, rescued by Animal Haven. We are thrilled to have helped her find a “forever foster” home with the perfect placement (on a moment’s notice) and to have donated $400 thanks to a recent fundraiser by @chloekardoggian and @petsmart.

We have just gotten Kayla’s Foster Dogs Inc Fospice perks started (BarkBox and other amazing goodies), and can’t wait to see more luxurious photos of this girl enjoying her final months. So far, we’ve gotten photos of a fresh-look after a grooming session, snuggles with her new mama, and romping on the beach with her dog pack. After our recent loss of Fanny (Sean Casey Animal Rescue), as well as saying goodbye to our senior therapy dog buddy Chloe, Kayla couldn’t have entered our program at a better time!


This is Kayla. She is 12 years old, has oral cancer and kidney disease, and the vet has given her 3-6 months to live. Kayla was recently found abandoned on the streets and then brought to the public shelter. The amazing Animal Haven (a private shelter) pulled Kayla into their care so that they could get her thoroughly checked out by a veterinarian. Kayla’s professional assessment concluded that Kayla is not in pain (with management) and still enjoys pleasurable doggy activities. Animal Haven and the vet also concluded that Kayla deserved to live on for as long as she wishes, but a comfortable home, not a shelter, was a must.

With the help of Foster Dogs, Inc., Kayla was connected immediately to Jillian — a mother, a teacher, and a huge dog lover. Less than two weeks ago, Jillian lost her beloved Chloe Anne at the age of 15.5 years old to heart cancer. To step in so quickly for sweet Kayla while managing her every day life as a teacher and a mom, Jillian is nothing less than dedicated and devoted!


Jillian writes, “Supporting Chloe through her diagnosis and treatment, working with Sarah on a joint therapy visit at Maimonides Hospital with FosterDogsNYC and religiously following Susie’s Senior Dogs and Foster Dogs Inc on FB and Instsagram, we decided that Fospice was something that we really wanted to be a part of.

Chloe was adopted at 10 weeks old, so I was able to raise her from a baby and experience all of her life with her. So many dogs aren’t that fortunate, and are often alone during their times of illness. I felt compelled to do fospice and I’m so grateful that Kayla came into our lives. It’s a little soon after Chloe, but Kayla needs us!

Kayla has a huge tumor inside her mouth and one outside. The vet started Kayla on a similar regimen that my Chloe was on. The vet gave her 3-6 months depending on her body’s response. And he thinks she looks pretty good right now. We stopped by Animal Haven after and everyone there said in two days Kayla looks years younger. They are super grateful we took her in. What a great rescue they are.

Kayla is eating and sleeps most of the night next to my bed. She is going to do great with us and I want make sure she feels good! I LOVE her! Our house is like a time warp, I think dogs get younger here.”

Follow Kayla’s journey: @kayla_the_fospice_dog
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