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Kayla’s Fospice Photo Shoot

Kayla’s Fospice adventures are more exciting than you can even imagine.

She just had her incredible Fospice photo shoot with Stacey Axelrod in Coney Island, full of ferris wheels, hot dogs, sunshine, and beach time!

Yep, this is what doggy heaven might look like. If only every senior shelter dog could have a bucket list like Kayla’s!

She has the red carpet treatment at FDNY stations, attends BarkBox parties, parties with Chloe Kardoggian, and has a house full of people and rescue dogs to keep her company. Did we mention she gets to go to the beach (in Brooklyn) on a regular basis, just 1 mile down the road?

Kayla’s Fospice Family group photo on her Instagram

We don’t know how much longer Kayla has left, but her time in Fospice care so far has been nothing short of amazing.

Kayla is a “forever foster” with Jillian and Rob, through Foster Dogs, care of Animal Haven with help from Susie’s Senior Dogs. A million thanks to @nycpetphotographer who made this happen and gave Kayla the photo shoot of her dreams! Look at this beautiful family, full of kids and a whole bunch of rescue dogs (several of whom are seniors!).

Our Fospice program is about showing terminally ill/ super-senior shelter dogs a great remaining few weeks or months, and make them as comfortable (and spoiled) as possible. DONATE.

Kayla’s cancer and weakened immune system limits her ability to live much longer, but she has already outlived all initial expectations and has gotten wonderful care from all her family, rescue group, and professional support.

Follow Kayla’s adventures on IG: @kayla_the_fospice_dog

All professional photos by @nycpetphotographer, for Foster Dogs Inc.

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