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Looking for an "Adopt Me" Vest?

Popular “Adopt Me” Vests
$5.50 – $12.60: Dog Booties
$21 – $29: Hound Gear
$24.95: Bark and Stuff

Orange “Adopt Me” vests have proven to be a great tool for identifying adoptable animals. Many animal shelters and rescue organizations deck out their adoptable dogs when walking them in public or showing them at adoption events. Foster people slip them onto their foster dogs when walking them in the park. A vest signals to potential adopters that the dog is available for adoption, or simply prompts a conversation that leads a potential adopter to a nearby shelter or rescue group. Courtesy of Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

Make Your Own “Adopt Me” Vest


“Adopt Me” Bandanas 

$5.49  -$9.99: Banana Mania
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