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Photo of the Day: Matilda (Tofu) is Home!

From her rescue advocates at Rock & Rawhide:

The sweet little girl who has had a few names since we met her… has been adopted and is now known as Shea!! (she’s been Lucky, Matilda, Tofu & Maddie).

Named after Shea Stadium, she’s in NJ with a wonderful family, going on weekend hikes, living her best life as a Jersey Girl. Congrats little one!! She’s come a long way from dodging traffic to land in the perfect home.

Big love goes out to Cece and the crew at Tails of Love Animal Rescue who we partnered with on finding Shea a home. 

Smooches to some wonderful fosters: Stella who was a terrific foster momma and taught Shea so much. Thank you!!!! We found Stella through Foster Dogs, Inc.. Another great group who match would-be fosters with dogs needing a temporary place to lay their bone. Thank you for bringing us Stella! We love her!

To our Roadies, the Briones family, Carmen, Yadira and especially Leo who literally saved Lucky, by plucking her out of scary traffic. They took her home for a short term foster and vowed to help her. And that they did. Your love has gone such a long way. Thank you for being her heroes. 

Love to Joan and the crew at 2000 Spays and Neuters who also posted this sweet girl on their Petfinder page and sent potential adopters our way. This is what community is all about. And we are so thankful that you are a part of our community.

Have a wonderful life Miss Shea! You deserve it! 

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