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Matrix Gets a Photo Shoot


Thanks to photographer Marshall Boprey for his gorgeous photo shoot donation to our Fospice program. Matrix, formerly called Willow, is a 1 year old Shar Pei mix whose heart is not in great condition. She was rescued by In Our Hands Rescue last year, along with her brother; they both lived in foster care together until her brother was adopted.


Matrix is lucky to have a great home with Joy, who originally fostered her – and soon adopted!


Photographer Marshall says,

As soon as I walked in the door, I was hit with such a great energy from Matrix and her foster playmate Curtis. They ran into the hallway and back into the apartment and, instead of barking or jumping on me, they played with one-another and continued to return to me as if to seek my approval.


Every dog I shoot is different, so as a photographer it’s important to go in with neutral expectations and work with each subject’s quirks (we all have them!)

Matrix was an absolute ham from the very beginning— she responded very well to my arsenal of noisemakers, posed brilliantly, and gave my camera full attention. It is very clear that Matrix is in great hands— full of love!


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