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Abby the Awesome Lab/Basset Mix – ADOPTED

4/2016: ADOPTED!

1/2016: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 2 years old, 50 lbs. Female Lab/ Basset Hound mix. Good with dogs and kids! She attended our recent Vaute adoption event, and was perfect with everyone. 


AbbyFrom her rescue group: First things first, Abby is the best! She is extremely friendly and sweet and hasn’t met a person she didn’t want to snuggle.

She is smaller than you think because she has short/low-rider legs, which make her extra cute. Even though she’s short, she’s 50 lbs, and she thinks she is a lap dog!

A house with kids would be okay if they are a little older, only because Abby has no clue how big she is at times. She is excitable and could used some basic training on how to contain her excitement, but mostly she is a pretty chill and loving girl who will adoringly stare at you and then slather you with the most sincere kisses.


abby3She is great with other dogs and not really phased even when other dogs bark at her or are pushy. We haven’t tested her with cats but we would assume she’d be fine. Abby is a total gem!

From Sugar Mutts Rescue. Photo left: Dog & Co, Robert Stoetzel

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