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Balthazar the Smartypants Pittie – ADOPTED

9/2017: ADOPTED!

8/2017: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 3 years old, 60 lbs. Pittie Mix. Good with dogs and kids! 

3-4 years old, neutered male, Pibble Mix, short and stout, sweet, and playful. He is 58 lbs. of love and sweetness, with a square head and two big puppy eyes staring right into your heart. The shelter intake notes gave a guess of 6 year old in age when he had really shabby fur. But now that he fur is shiny, and he’s no longer sick with kennel cough, we think he is much younger, probably around 3.

He plays with the enthusiasm of a youngster, hopping and bouncing around when he finds a favorite toy. He is smart and agile. He loves playing agility in the park,  jumping over obstacles and going under things. He could make a great agility dog or a running partner. He is also able to stay at home for 5+ hours without making any trouble. He is very house-trained, never had accidents at home even in the sickest days.

He knows quite a few commands: “sit”, “down”, “leave it”, “touch”, “come” etc. He loves to learn and please you, very easy to train. He loves to meet everybody on the street. His tail is always wagging. His shelter notes says he was good with other dogs at the play groups there. We think he would enjoy a doggie sibling with similar play style, but he would also do fine as an only dog.

You can find more pictures at his personal Facebook pageFrom Brooklyn ACC.

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