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Bentley the Precious Pittie – FOUND!

6/2017: RE-ADOPTED (FOUND!) Read his amazing story:

You gotta hear this story. Super-Smiley Bentley was at Sean Casey Animal Rescue since March, after being found as a stray. Based on his microchip, the shelter staff tried calling the owner to no avail. After the stray hold was up, Bentley was on the market. We brought him into #OperationFosterBound, donated to his care, got him new photos, and advocated for a foster home for this amazing big goof. After attending our #fosterpackwalk, visits by FOUR of our volunteers & photographers, eating @shakeshack on a live feature on @thedodo, and an IG-takeover of @ruffpost, we *finally* got some serious foster interest! {It takes a village}. At that same time, he was shown on the local news station as a Adoptable Dog of the Week and one family called the shelter, frantic. “That’s our dog!”

Turns out, Bentley had been adopted from his original owner and the microchip was unable to be updated since the original person didn’t make the chip adjustments and stopped returning the adopters’ calls. Bentley’s family put out Lost Dog pleas but it took a while – and some luck – for them to find him. They picked him up last week, and immediately bought him lots of nice food and made a donation to the shelter. We are happy to tell you Bentley is *officially* home. And a little cherry-on-top is that one woman who offered to foster this silly sweet boy agreed to take a brand new #operationfosterbound dog (stay tuned!!). We are grateful to ALL those who helped Bentley and shared/supported him. It’s a completely unexpected ending – but a happy one – and we can now focus on our other OFB dogs who await a foster/adoptive family.

4/3/17: Looking for foster home soon, also available for adoption. Part of OPERATION FOSTER BOUND, so foster parents will get lots of extra perks! 2 years old, 60 lbs. Good with dogs, loves people. 

Bentley is so adorable, we think he looks like Sid from Ice Age. He totally does, right?

Bentley is a sweet friendly guy! He arrived to Sean Casey Animal Rescue as a stray in early-March, and no prior history is known. A foster home would be a crucial part of helping Bentley get re-adjusted to home life and to show off his great personality and find him a loving forever home.

Bentley at our Foster Pack Walk in Battery Park:

He’s great with pretty much everyone, including dogs and all people. It’s possible he’s even fine with dog-savvy cats! The one thing Bentley needs some practice with is staying calm around scooters and skateboards; they get him riled up on walks. He’s happy to run and play and walk and go on long runs with you!

Cartoon by @adoptadoodleproject

A volunteer writes, “Bentley is a total sweetheart. He met me with a gentle hug/jump but promptly got off me with correction. He knows sit, and definitely seems food motivated. There were people of all ages, and cars going by and Bentley did not seem the slightest bit nervous by anyone or anything. A person walking another dog passed and he showed no interest.” With a harness and proper leash practice, Bentley will walk fine (he currently likes to pull a bit). “Toward the end of the walk he found a baseball on the ground that he scooped up in his mouth, dropped and did a cute pounce to get back to, I was able to get him to drop the ball for treats.”

From Sean Casey Animal Rescue

Photos: Katie Kelly & Alice Su, for Foster Dogs Inc
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