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Bobby the Chill “Corgtriever” – ADOPTED

5/20/17: ADOPTED!

5/16/17: Looking for an adopter, also available for “foster-to-adopt” placement (trial adoption). Special case! 4 years old, 28 lbs. Corgi / Golden Retriever mix. Good with dogs and kids. 

From her current foster mom: Bobby is a medium sized Corgi x Golden Retriever. She looks like a Golden Retriever that has been smushed down into the body of a Corgi. She likes long, sniff-filled walks, sleeping, eating all of the things, sleeping, sniffing butts, sleeping & she does a great downward dog. 

Photo by Emmy Park @stylepup

This beautiful dog was rescued, and found to have advanced cancer, and just a couple years left to live. Let’s make this a wonderful time. She doesn’t let her cancer stop her from having a good time. Bobby enjoys everything & her tail is always wagging. 

She’s looking for a special home to love her for these last couple of years of her life. She’s here for a good time, not a long time.

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Background: Bobby was found on the streets of Miami, where she had been dumped after being a backyard breeding mama. She was taken in by some lovely people in Miami, who funded her much-needed surgery to remove a large tumor in her mammary glands. The tumor was cancerous and she has a life expectancy of about two years. Bobby currently requires no treatment and very minimal care – she’s the easiest-going pup I’ve ever had the pleasure of living with. It would be up to her new owners to see a specialist if they chose to provide her with further medical intervention, but our hope is that even if that doesn’t occur, she just finds a family or companion to give her the love and cuddles she so deserves.

She is currently staying with a one-year-old terrier who is always on her case and Bobby is very patient with her. She mostly ignored her for the first couple of weeks but now they have short bursts of playtime, before Bobby is ready to go back to cuddling and napping. She’s the prettiest little girl you ever did see.

From Found My Animal

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