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Bucky the Sweet Tibetan Spaniel – FOSTERED

4/2017: FOSTERED in MA!

3/2017: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 6-7 years old, 27 lbs. Male Tibetan Spaniel/Pekingese Mix. Good with dogs, cats, and kids! 

Bucky aka Buckwheat is a really great dog, always happy with his tail wagging. He looks like a Tibetan Spaniel mix. He is abot 6-7 years old and he weighs 27 lbs.  He has a goofy smile with a cute semi-underbite.

He does great on a leash, seems to be pretty well house trained, and gets along with all of the other dogs. He does like being with people and wants to be where you are, so would not do well being left alone all day or in an apt, as he really likes company.

From Shaggy Dog Rescue. 

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