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Meet Buddy the Happy Senior Poodle

buddy_senior2Looking for a long-term foster home with prior dog experience (daily medical needs), must be located close to Upper West Side. 10 years old, 9 lbs. Male Poodle. Good with other dogs. Scroll to bottom of this post for contact info.

Information about this dog was provided to Foster Dogs Inc by Stewie to the Rescue, who will handle the foster process and oversee his care long-term.

Buddy was the loving pet of a homeless man who was befriended by Harris, Founder of Stewie to the Rescue. Buddy was surrendered to Harris when his medical issues became more than the owner could handle. To date, Buddy has had three hernia operations and still manages to maintain his loving, sweet and playful personality.

Buddy gets along with all other animals and is in need of a foster home that understands and can work with his vet to make his day-to-day more comfortable.

buddy_senior3Buddy’s Medical Care: Buddy gets cutaneous fluid once a day. A needle is put in his back between his shoulder blades and a certain amount of liquid has to go in before the needle can be removed. It’s a 2-person job until the dog gets used to it, it can take 2-3 min depending on how much fluid has to go in; this may be reduced to every other day or a couple times a week if his kidney levels improve.

Buddy pees normally, but when he does his business, he squats like he’s poo’ing but nothing actually comes out. Instead, it goes into an internal pouch (which leaves his bottom very lopsided). His pouch needs to be emptied at least 3x a day by squeezing it and the poo comes out his bottom. Buddy is also on oral meds.

Note: All of Buddy’s medical expenses will be covered by Stewie to the Rescue, and the foster caretaker should not be financially responsible for such matters.

Care of Stewie to the Rescue. Located in Upper West Side.

Email Claudia:, & CC Foster Dogs in your inquiry email: info [at] Let them know you found this dog on!

Things to keep in mind: Adoption fee applies if you plan to adopt, unless otherwise stated (Foster caretakers must pay adoption fee if they choose to adopt). You may be required to complete a foster/adoption application prior to meeting the dog. Please check with your landlord about your building’s pet policy and of course talk to your roommates. The dog is the legal property of the rescue organization until an adoption contract is signed.

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