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Clarissa the Happy Bull Terrier Mix – ADOPTED

ADOPTED 2/25/17

2/24/17: 1 year old, 35 lbs. Bull Terrier / Basset Hound. Good with dogs and kids.

From her foster mom: I’m currently fostering a 1 year old bull terrier / basset hound mix through In Our Hands Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit based in Brooklyn. Her name is Clarissa – she is a medium sized pup, weighing about 30 pounds. She is spayed and up to date on shots.

Originally rescued from a shelter in Georgia, Clarissa was quickly adopted by a local NYC couple in January. Sadly, their dog at home would not accept her as part of the pack, so they made the difficult decision to give her back to the rescue. This was in no way Clarissa’s fault – (in fact, she loves other dogs and would do every well in a home with another dog!). Upon meeting her, we were struck by her friendly / positive energy and decided to foster right away. Now she has been with us for about two weeks, and the more we see, the more we love her!

Clarissa is a bundle of energy and love. Her ideal day would include a long walk or jog, ending at the dog park, then falling asleep with her head on your lap. She is SO cuddly – she loves to sprawl out on her back, paws in the air, and fall asleep. Actually, she can fall asleep just about anywhere and in any position. She even loves to take naps in the empty bathtub during the day! Clarissa loves humans and LOVES other dogs. Her favorite place is the dog park – every new dog she sees is a potential new friend! She has showed zero signs of aggression towards adults, kids, dogs, (and would probably even do well around a cat, though we haven’t tested it). She isn’t fearful of new humans, quite the opposite. With kids, she isn’t phased by their sudden noises or movements – she will just wag her tail and sit patiently with her ears back while the children in our building pet her.

She is crate trained, but now that she is used to her new environment we have switched to keeping her in the master bathroom while we are out of the house. She would also do fine with a baby gate keeping her contained with her chew toys to keep her busy! Like any young, energetic pup, she does need plenty of socialization and exercise to keep her happy and out of mischief. She loves spending time with us, but she also does well on her own and has no separation anxiety.

Clarissa would thrive with anyone willing to take her for walks, to let her run around at the dog park and to just give her plenty of plain old love! Any adopter seeking a happy, energetic, and cuddly puppy, would just love Clarissa.

From In Our Hands Rescue

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