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Clea the Fabulous Boxer Mix – ADOPTED

11/2017: ADOPTED!

8/2017: Looking for an adopter, currently in foster care. 6.5 years old, 46 lbs. Boxer/Bulldog mix. Good with kids! 

Clea is a 46 lbs, 6 year old Boxer mix. She is simply a fabulous, loving, friendly, and balanced dog who would fit in with any household! She is very mellow but will happily play or take long walks. She will lie at your feet or next to you on the couch but is not needy. She loves any and all attention but is perfectly independent. Best of all, she is WONDERFUL with kids and totally unfazed by a house full of boisterous little ones!

Miss Clea knows the commands sit and come. She enjoys taking car rides, starring out the window watching life carry on.  Clea is perfectly housetrained… score! In the house, she is very mellow. When appropriate, she’ll romp around the yard and chase a ball around.  She enjoys hanging outdoors and patrolling the yard for squirrels. She could spend hours outside when the weather is nice. She is a fabulous walking partner and amazing on a leash.
Clea loves nothing more than to snuggle with people and get belly rubs. She adores being pet and receiving attention.  You’ll find her snuggled up in bed with her favorite plush toy.

She is friendly (but not jumpy) with everyone she meets and wins over all with her soulful brown eyes and wiggly, waggy body. She’s just a perfect dog!

From PupStarz Rescue

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