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Dean the Snuggly Mastiff Mix – ADOPTED

2/6/17: ADOPTED!

2/3/17: Looking for a adopter, currently in foster care. 2 years old, 95 lbs. Pit Bull / Mastiff mix. Good with dogs!

From his foster home: Dean is an amazing dog. He’s been with us for 3 weeks and every few days this giant puppy just blossoms a little more into a great dog. He is being fostered through the ASPCA. He is fully vaccinated and neutered. He was found by the NYPD in an abandoned home and was part of an animal abandonment case.

Dean is great with all dogs. The ASPCA was using him as the “friendly dog” in behavior assessments! He is totally unfazed by aggression. He loves playing with toys, kongs etc. Dean enjoys long leashed walks and jogs; we haven’t trained him to be off-leash yet, as he’s a foster pet, but totally could be done. He’s very food motivated and craves direction and training.

Because of his past, he can be initially very stressed about new environments, but he is not destructive, just uneasy and very alert. Time in his crate quickly calms him down. And now after a couple weeks he is a very calm, comfortable and just a joyful pup in our home and we only crate him if we are leaving him alone for hours at a time.

Most of all Dean is a giant snuggle hippo puppy. He loves to bulldoze into a snuggle on the carpet or the sofa.


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