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No Longer Available

Delilah and Duke the Pinschers – No longer available

2/2017: No longer available for adoption due to familial personal problems, and the dogs will remain in their home. We appreciate BarkPost for sharing their story, and received an outpouring of interest! 

12/2017: Looking for adopter together (ideally, as they are a bonded pair), not available for foster care.

Delilah: 6 yrs old, 65 lbs. Female Doberman Pinscher. Good with dogs and kids.

Duke: 5 yrs old, Miniature Pinscher mix.

From their current caretaker: Delilah was rescued from a puppy mill breeder that took ear cropping, tail docking, and booster vaccinations into their own hands. Despite such a beginning, she is an incredibly sweet (spayed) Doberman. She is cautious around strangers, but will warm to her new family quickly. Delilah is fearful and is attached at the hip to Duke. She also loves to play with her older “brother” an African Grey parrot. She loves to cuddle, is very playful, and a gentle giant. 

DukeDuke was found abandoned outside during hurricane Irene in an alleyway hiding under a piece of metal debris as a puppy. Fortunately, the little guy was found before he was blown away or hurt. He is a spunky and energetic Miniature Pinscher Mix. He is extremely affectionate and is a sucker for attention.

These two dogs have lived happily and fulfilled for some time with their owner and his brother. Their lives were looking better and better with their home about to be rebuilt from the ground up following the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse; the owner unexpectedly passed away.

Please be that person to give these two loving pups their forever home. They are currently living in a house with no heat, just a space heater.

Independently surrendered. Located near Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.


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