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Diamond the Heartbreaker Pit Mix – ADOPTED

2/2017: ADOPTED by her foster home, whom she found last month!

1/2017: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 7 years old, 60 lbs. Female Pit Mix. Good with cats!

From her rescue: Diamond has been at the NYC shelter since September. Ready for Rescue wants to save her but we need a foster.

A shelter volunteer writes: You have to meet her to see what a truly soft and gentle soul she has. In the yard, she will sit at my feet for as long as I allow her, lightly resting her head on my knees, letting me caress her face and ears.  When I stop, she props her paws into my lap, nuzzling her head into my stomach, begging for more petting, softly wagging her tail. The feeling of love is mutual, I enjoy petting her silky brindle fur as much as she likes me doing it.

At 7, Diamond is the ideal energy level, is already trained and yet still has many amazing years ahead of her. The only thing she’s lacking is a family to share them with.

From Ready for Rescue.

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