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Earnest the Cuddly Terrier Mix – ADOPTED

12/2017: ADOPTED — “Foster Fail”

8/2017: Looking for an adopter, currently in foster care. 8-10 years old, 35 lbs. Terrier mix. 

If there was ever a dog whose smile can light up a room it would be Earnest – his smile is pure joy!

Earnest is a super sweet, 8-10 year old, 35 pound terrier mix! He loves humans and is sometimes a little too interested in cats 😉 so should likely be in a cat free home. We believe he would be good with other dogs although he has had limited exposure in his current foster home.

The love of Ernest’s life (besides his human) has to be his ball! He will play with his ball for hours!! He also has an adorable way of taking toys out of his basket! But fear not –  that is not the only thing that gets his tail wagging! He loves to be pet and will wag his tail for TREATS!!!!

While he is a great at sports that involve a ball – this pup really deserves a gold medal in cuddling! He is a world champion cuddler and adores human attention. In fact, as much as he loves the outdoors he refuses to go outside in a yard without his human! Awww. 

Fortunately, he knows what to do once he is outside as he is housebroken and walks well on a leash.

His indoor manners mirror his outside ones as he is quiet in the home and crate trained!  He is working on his basic commands but does appear to know: Where’s your ball!?  He will sit for a treat – but only if a treat is presented. (Like we said – smart dog!)

From his foster: Ernest loves sleeping, cuddling, eating, cuddling, taking the toys out of the basket, cuddling, chewing the ball, eating, and yup, you guessed it chasing the ball.  He is sweet natured but is starting to show his more energetic and feisty side as he settles in.

From PupStarz Rescue.

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