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Meet Emma the Super Sweet Senior

Looking for an adopter. 14 years old, 50 lbs. Sweet 14-year old Mutt! Good with dogs and kids! Scroll to bottom of this post for contact info.

Sweet 14-year old Emma is a super sweet and loving pooch. She loves to snuggle and gives great kisses. She enjoys trip to Starbucks for puppuccinos and is wonderful in the car.  

Don’t be fooled by her age – she is sprightly and active. Though she walks at a slower “Emma-pace” and likes to take breaks to check out what people are doing and to see if she can spot any squirrels or rabbits, she does 3x 20-30 minute walks a day, as well as pottering around the yard.

We have done a full health check on Emma (blood tests, xrays, ultrasounds, etc) and besides bulging discs in her spine, she is in great health. She take a supplement and Gabapentin for the discs in her spine.  

Due to the bulging disc, Emma is looking for a forever home with no stairs,  so a ranch-style house or elevator building would be great.  

Emma adores kids and would love to live with some! She loves dogs and can live with them as long as they are calm and do not jump on her spine.

Emma lived all 14 years of her life outside and slept in a dirt hole. She is so appreciative and grateful for everything. She is a very easy dog and so loving and sweet.

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Care of Animals-R-Family. Available for adoption in CT/NY/NJ/New England.

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