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Eros the Energetic Aussie – ADOPTED

5/24/17: ADOPTED!

4/4/17: Looking for an adopter, not available for foster care. 5 years old, 55 lbs. Male Australian Shepherd. Good with dogs! 

Adopt EROS the Aussie! Eros was the Greek god of love (also known as Cupid in Roman mythology). Let yourself fall in love with EROS the Aussie.

Eros is a 5 year old, purebred Australian Shepherd! This CKC registered, native Texan is about 55 lbs and a true and wonderful Aussie! He has gone through intensive trainings and knows all the commands a dog can know including “bow”! Who doesn’t want a handsome dog who can bow to them? Eros is high-energy and needs daily exercise as is typical for his breed. He is a champion fetcher but also a heck of a snuggler.

Eros likes most other dogs but hasn’t spent any time with cats. He has a strong chase/herd drive but not an aggressive prey drive, so proper introductions are encouraged.

Unfortunately, toddlers aren’t his forte. Since his family has one baby – and another on the way, Eros is having a very difficult time. (His family is absolutely crushed that they have give him up but want Eros to be the happiest dog he can be!)

He is a loyal guy but cool with his independence- fully house trained and happy to hang in his crate or on the sofa! You really couldn’t find a better Aussie! Eros is neutered and up to date on all his vaccines.

From Friends With Four Paws.

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