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Meet Gwen the Sunbathing Chihuahua

4/6/17: FOSTERED via Foster Dogs! Looking for adopter. 5 years old, 9 lbs. Female Chihuahua. Good with dogs, cats, and kids! Scroll to bottom of this post for contact info.

3/12/17: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 

Gwen is a darling tuxedo black 5 year old 9 lb Chihuahua girl with a stylish Michael Jackson natural white glove on her paw. She came to us after someone dumped at the Chicago Animal Shelter when she was pregnant.

She arrived to the shelter stuffed in a box in a trunk. They were in such poor condition that one of the dogs died the day after their arrival to the shelter. The other 3 dogs went into loving adoptive homes and we rescued darling Gwen. On Christmas, she gave birth to her puppies, who were all adopted out by our rescue.

Gwen is a quiet remarkable girl that’s blossomed into a loving, affectionate, cuddle bug who just oozes smiles at the sign of any attention. Although Gwen can be shy at first, she is highly gregarious once comfortable. She loves playtime and toys. She adores to be by your side and play with other dogs and cats. Her favorite past time is to curl up by a human or fur sibling and give lots of kisses! For a tiny girl, this little chi can be a bed hog. But, oh how she loves to sleep near you! Gwen is also a huge fan of sunbathing and getting her tan on! Jersey Shore, here we come! No one can rival this girl’s tanning skills!

By far, one of her most endearing traits is her little piggy tail, which curls over onto her back. Also, Gwen loves to get back massages and rubs. Who doesn’t?!

Care of Twenty Paws Rescue. Located in NYC.

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