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Jaelyn the Lazy Lab Mix – ADOPTED

4/9/17: ADOPTED

4/6/17: Looking for an adopter, currently in foster care. 4 years old, 55 lbs. Labrador Mix. Good with dogs!

Jaelyn is a 4 year old, 55 pound Labrador mix. She is a great dog! Jaelyn gets along well with other dogs and is friendly!

Jaelyn is an ideal dog for a working professional or family. She can easily be trusted by herself during he day; either crated or not.  She would adapt/fit well into any family’s schedule. (On the weekends we sleep in, she doesn’t wine or make any noise, if she wakes before me.) She’s not very playful, but very cute/ lazy- just wants a couch or a soft cushion to sleep on.

Outside: She gets very excited when she meets new canine friends on the street or at the dog park. Her tail wags high and she has a beautiful prance. She is extremely polite and plays well. Loud traffic noises startle her, but she is very good on the leash and does not pull. Jaelyn needs her human to confidently lead her so she knows she is ok.

Inside: Jaelyn can be timid. She loves when you pet her face and give her kisses. She acts extremely bonded and nudge me for pets. On other days, she will jump or flinch when I first touch her but will tolerantly stay.

Jaelyn knows the command come and is working on sit. She is perfectly housetrained! She is not a barker and walks amazing on a leash. Though she’s known as a couch potato, she very much enjoys her walks. Jaelyn is gentle and a joy to be around.

Jaelyn needs an adopter who will be patient with her; allow her to build trust. One who is confident and will not take it personally if she is not affectionate immediately. This doesn’t necessarily mean previous dog experience; simply willingness to work with her!

She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped.

Photos by: @emmy_park | @stylepup

From PupStarz Rescue

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