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Jimbo the Lovable Coonhound Puppy – ADOPTED

3/17/17: ADOPTED!

3/13/17: Looking for an adopter, currently in foster care. 5 months old, 42 lbs. Male Redtick Coonhound . Good with dogs, cats, and kids! 

Photo: Stacey Axelrod, “My Furry Valentine” @fosterdogsnyc event

Jimbo is a 22 week, 42 lb (as of March 8th) Redtick Coonhound. Said to be a purebred pup, he is gorgeous. Jimbo is such a huge lovebug! He loves getting pet under his chin and behind his floppy ears. He does not realize his own size and thinks he’s a small Chihuahua and loves laying on laps! He is very playful and loves playing with our dogs for a while and then loves to take a power nap only to refuel his energy and play again.

Photo: Aliza Eliazarov, BarkBox

He is doing really well with crate training and wee pad training. He is a young hound and is surely developing the hound features! When we goes on walks, he sniff’s out our other dogs scent and can follow their trail to find where they are! It’s really impressive!

Jimbo is currently learning the commands: sit and stay. He is a great traveler! In the car, he sleeps through the whole ride. Overall he is a lovebug, and everyone that has met him on his walks loves him. He greets other dogs really well and walks great on a leash.

From PupStarz Rescue

Photo: Stacey Axelrod, “My Furry Valentine” @fosterdogsnyc event


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