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Kanye (aka Max) the Gorgeous Golden-Aussie – ADOPTED

6/14/17: ADOPTED!

“Kanye’s adopter is keeping the name we’d given him, so he’s now officially known as Max. He was adopted by a young Scottish guy named Chris who has had Goldens and Labs his whole life. A couple of his family dogs had similar leg problems to Max, so he’s pretty unfazed by it. And amazingly, when the two met earlier this week for the first time, Max went right up to him and asked to pet! I’d literally never seen him do that to someone since we got him, so I have a good feeling this is going to be the perfect match. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and help getting the word out about our foster! It was such a pleasure having him in our home—I miss him already!! Hoping I’ll get to dogsit him at some point in the future” – foster mom Daria

5/27/17: FOSTERED through this post, by Daria! Follow his new IG account. Looking for adopter. 7-8 years old, 35 lbs (petite, great city size). Male Golden Retriever / Australian Shepherd. Good with dogs. 

5/23/17: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 7-8 years old, 35 lbs. Male Golden Retriever / Australian Shepherd. Good with dogs. 

Kanye (aka Max) is such a great guy! Rescued from Staten Island ACC by Louie’s Legacy, as an owner-surrender, he’s house trained, vaccinated, neutered. Due to his gorgeous locks, this dog will shed – so investing in a great hair brush will be worthwhile! 🙂

He’s dog-friendly, too!

Foster mom says, “Kanye is relatively passive around other dogs. He doesn’t seem to mind our dog Leela’s high energy though—she’s constantly running up to him and trying to lick his face or play, and he politely just turns his head. He’s met many other dogs out on walks and has shown to issues or fear of any dog, no matter the size. He usually sniffs to say hi, but that’s about it!”

Kanye enjoys playing catch, and has a lovable personality. Plus, he’s great on-leash! His foster mom says, “No pulling or leash aggression at all. He seriously loves going for walks and spending time outdoors. As soon as he sees his leash he runs to the front door, ready to go. Despite his fear of strangers he’s amazingly calm when we’re out on walks.”

The hustle and bustle of NYC doesn’t seem to bother this dog. He mostly ignores people when he’s out and about, and “seems really unfazed by the busyness of our Brooklyn neighborhood.” While he’s friendly out and about, Kanye gets nervous around strangers – so his foster parents are careful not to let strangers pet him. It’s important to remember that slow intros are crucial for Kanye! “He’s done well on solo walks and is also great walking as a pair with our dog Leela. I think he’s actually helping her get better at leash walking!”

“Despite his initial fear of strangers he warms up to people quickly and has been a sweetheart with us.” – foster mom Daria says. Because of this fear, he should not live with young children who can be unpredictable.

Kanye’s back legs are a bit wobbly, “though he runs and walks at pace with our 1 year old dog just fine!” He’s on anti-inflammatory meds, but it also might be a matter of getting better food (foster parents started giving him excellent canine cuisine!) and gaining muscle. He’s not an old man, so his back legs might just need some TLC to get back in shape.

Due to his age, some people might not be interested in this gorgeous guy. But Kanye/Max has plenty more years left in him and wants to make your family very happy!

From Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. 

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