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Lady Bird the Senior Shepherd Mix – FOSTERED

8/2015: Lady Bird passed away peacefully in her foster home. We are glad she was safe there, away from a kennel, and around people and animals she grew to love.

Lady Bird

lady-bird5/2015: FOSTERED in a “forever foster” home with Dawn and two other dogs!

4/15/2015: Needs foster (by end of April), also available for adoption. 10 yrs old, 40 lbs, good with dogs. Real Mary Ann’s plea for Lady Bird here.

Quick update from foster mom Mary Ann: “Thank you for your help arranging the photo shoot with Tina! That connection never would have happened without your post. Lady Bird warmed up to Tina (the photographer) easily, and has been better with allowing strangers to pet her. She’s still pretty wary when new people come in the house.

January 2015: Lady Bird was found a few weeks ago frantically running in and out of traffic on a busy a highway in freezing temperatures. Without a collar or microchip, good samaritans took her home and have looked in vain for her owners. Lady Bird was apprehensive at first but has warmed up to her rescuers.


After a few weeks of being in a foster home, Lady Bird’s behavior has dramatically changed. When her foster parents are around, she wags her tail enthusiastically and follows them around. She loves going on short, frequent walks and gets visibly excited when you put your coat on. She listens to commands and is house broken. She doesn’t need a lot of room, and if she has a bed or an area she can call her own, she is comfortable.

She likes walks, though she doesn’t require a lot of attention otherwise, and spends most of the time sleeping. She’s an older dog and gets tired after playing. She also seems to be having an issue with her right leg and occasionally limps while outside. When going up and down the stairs, she often gets too excited and slides, risking a fall. It would be best if she were in a home where there were not many stairs between her and outside.

While she has never tried to bite, she has snarled and growled when strangers try to pet her face or belly. She seems to be fine with other dogs and never barks. Lady Bird’s past is a mystery and nobody knows how long she has been on her own or what may have happened to her.

From Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue

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