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Lady the Precious Senior Pittie – FOSTERED!

12/2017: FOSTERED through Foster Dogs Inc!

8/2017: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 8 years old, 45 lbs. Female Pit Mix. Good with dogs and kids!

“Lady is 45 lb 8 years young perfect pittie girl. This girl sparkles and shines brighter than any diamond! Lady loves to go for walks and follow you around the house, BUT also knows how to relax on the couch and cuddle up for a movie night. Netflix and chill takes on a whole new meaning with Lady by your side. You can chomp on popcorn, and she will nosh on a bully stick. She is 100% crate and house trained. When left alone, she prefers the security of being her her bedroom, the crate. She finds true comfort there. Lady is absolutely wonderful with kids of all ages. Lady is well trained and listens to anything you ask of her.”

While she loves other animals, Lady does ask to be in a home with a laid back dog or as the only pet. In her golden years, she moved beyond being a doggy parental figure and would like to be enjoy life as an adult. Maybe we need to take her to Boca!

Sadly, prior to rescue, Lady lived a life of neglect and abuse. She is grateful for every moment of her new life and eagerly awaits her forever home. Please consider Lady. She has such a beautiful light within her. A girl like her is like an Orlov Diamond.

From Twenty Paws Rescue.

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