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Loxy the Lovely Lab Mix – ADOPTED!

9/16/17: ADOPTED at our Bissell “Empty the Shelters” event!

Photo by Robert Stoetzel, at Bissell Event

9/13/17: Looking for an adopter, currently in foster care via Foster Dogs Inc! 5-7 years old, 57 lbs. Lab mix.

From her foster mom: Dogs like Loxy are the reason they call them “man’s best friend.” She is a total love-bug, who loves to be pet and just wants to sit by your side. At about 7 years old, she is at the perfect energy level where she loves going on walks and rolling around in the grass, but when she comes home she’s happy to nap or chew on her bone while you do your thing.

She is the most obedient foster dog I’ve had yet, as she already knows “sit”, “down,” and “stay.” If you point to her crate and say, “go to your crate,” she’ll go right on in, happily. Loxy looks to her human for guidance, and will follow your lead.

She’s eager to please and food-motivated, making her easy to train. Loxy is the ultimate “no assembly required” dog, totally house-broken and trained. All that’s missing is her forever human.

From Muddy Paws Rescue.

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