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Lucy the Joyful Hound – FOSTERED

9/2017: FOSTERED!

6/2917: Looking for a foster home or adopter. 1 year old, 60 lbs. Female Hound. Good with dogs! 

Lucy is a 50 lbs, 1 year old hound mix who was rescued by Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue last summer. Her foster mom found her a loving home with a family with small kids. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond Lucy’s control, she is being surrender back to HAAR after 9 months. Her original foster mom is caring for her until July 15th.

Lucy is a high energy dog, with great athletic ability. She’s got an impressive high jump and is halfway through learning how to run an agility course at the local dog park! Full of love, but so much energy and strength, she loves to play with other dogs and cuddle with her owner. She’s an excellent running partner – she enjoys trotting along for miles and miles! Unfortunately she spent too much time in a crate in her last home that she lacks discipline, but is a quick learner and is housebroken (she signals when she needs to go potty by walking to the door). Fully spayed and UTD with all shots. Loves to give lots of kisses! Did I mention she’s a great cuddler? There is no lack of love from this not-so-little one!

From Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue.

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