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Miri the Lovable Pittie – ADOPTED

ADOPTED (foster-to-adopt) 3/2017

1/2017: Looking for adopter, also available as “foster-to-adopt”. 1 year old, 45-50 lbs. Female Pit Bull. Good with dogs and kids. 

This goofy gal is high on life! Miri thinks the world was made for her to explore. She is in love with every treat, person, dog, pigeon, and toy that comes her way. Her favorite thing is to go outside and go on walks, and when she sees you reach for that leash she’ll sit down politely waiting for you to get her dressed for the cold. Once outside, it’s a world of wonders! She’s the happiest thing on the street and thinks anyone that says hi deserves a kiss.

Miri is crate trained (though she prefers to snuggle her human instead) and fully housebroken! Miri walks well on a leash, but needs a little work on her attention span as she gets distracted by all the sights to behold, but with reminders will stay by your side.

Miri is easy going, happy to snuggle and lounge all day, or would gladly go on long walks (and probably a run, if you’re into that kinda thing), or the dog park.

Miri is spayed, fully vaccinated, and up to date on all medical.

From Muddy Paws Rescue. 

Miriam, a Foster Dogs Inc volunteer with Miri, her namesake!


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